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Wiliam de Ora is the co-author of The Invisible Entrepreneur and The Invisible Partnership. He is also the co-founder of Quantum Dynamics, one of Australia’s leading consultancies specializing in fast-growth small-to-medium sized businesses.

With a 20-year background in creative, strategic and research roles, William has worked with almost every major product, service, government and business category.

William’s core strength is his ability to take his clients’ businesses well beyond their expectations. He has a unique ability to understand his client’s personal and business drivers and shows them how to harness those drivers in order to get tangible results.

This is not the type of experience you’d get from an everyday business consultant. William leads his clients to ask “What if?” and many end up exceeding their initial goals and dreams for their business. He does this by working with clients to create a clear pathway, allowing them to turn their goals into reality. But more importantly, he challenges his clients so that many experience not only business growth – but personal growth as well.

He has worked with businesses in areas as diverse as airlines to automotive, banks to baby care, beverages to building products, politics to personal care, real estate to rural, hospitality to household products, toiletries to tourism – to name just a few.

William has previously been the creative director and head of his own advertising agencies and has worked with a range of blue chip companies and small businesses. He has carried the creative responsibility for numerous landmark brands, including ANZ, Campbell's Soup, CSR, Fairfax, Formfit, Heinz, AV Jennings, Kodak, Medibank, Mitsubishi Motors, National Australia Bank, National Mutual, SA Tourism, Sorbent and Tooheys. Working with leading ad agencies like J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Clemenger, MOJO and more.

Born in Sri Lanka, during his early years William was raised with Buddhist Monks. As a teenager his family moved to the UK, where later, William studied Graphic Design and began his career in the advertising industry.

This blend of Eastern philosophy and Western commercialism makes Williams way of thinking unique, and very different to that of many other consultants. In working with owners of small business, William brings solutions to owners of small business that taps the potential which lies dormant within them. He helps them explore possibilities that are often not even on their radar.

Working with William de Ora challenges your way of thinking. Importantly, as a client, it’s a relationship that will give you greater profits, peace of mind and, ultimately, a more fulfilling life.

William's most requested topics for speaking engagements are:

1. Harnessing greater profits by becoming an industry expert:

William will guide you through the step-by-step, easy to follow process of how to become the leading light expert in your industry. Once you have been recognised as such, greater profits, higher acclaim, more notable branding will easily result as a natural progression from the vital things you have learned.

2. How to successfully work with your spouse without getting divorced:

This exciting workshop springs from the publication of William’s latest book “The Invisible Partnership” in which William and Louise explore the pitfalls and triumphs of working as life partners in their business. This has been a most welcome treatise and its pending release is generating much excitement and anticipation in the business world. William is very happy to be able to assist in the recovery of a wonderful life for business owner couples who thought that having a life was for ‘other people’.

3. How to revolutionize your business by taking 3 months off:

Resulting from William and Louise’s first very successful book, “The Invisible Entrepreneur”, this seminar / workshop is a riveting and revelatory guide to arranging and organizing your business in such a way that you would be able to leave your business for 3 months or more and still come back to a thriving, profitable concern. In fact, the results for this method of organizing your business have been so successful that some owners have been able to walk-away from the business altogether, knowing that it is functioning wonderfully without them – and still making great profits.

However, the above outlined seminars may not be what you or your business is in need of at the present time. William is most happy to speak with business owners to devise and develop workshop material that is specific to the needs of your individual business or corporation.

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