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As business owners, and directors of our own lives, it’s important that we know what we’re working with. I mean really know! And while I’m aware that you know how to complete a SWOT analysis for your business, the question is: when was the last time you did one on yourself?

If you’ve been in business for more than 12 months, understand that your strengths will have changed. How? Why? What do you mean—I hear you ask? Well, being in business is the best personal and professional development program you could ever sign up for. Every day you are stretched in all sorts of directions; you will be doing things that you never thought possible.

However, are you doing things based on your strengths? In other words, performing the things in your business that you love and are inspired by. Or have you forgotten what you’re truly good at?

This week, in your Director’s meeting, I invite you to explore, identify and for some of you, stop taking your strengths for granted. It’s worth spending some time on—wouldn’t you say? And, if you see value in this, then why not identify the strengths of your team.

My Strengths Are?

Ask yourself this question: What can I rely on myself for and what can others can rely on me for? Look at the following areas and write down as many strengths as possible.

Technical Skills

  • What are you an expert in?
  • What could you do blindfolded?
  • What does your team rely on you for?

Communication Skills

  • Do you feel you are a strong communicator?
  • Do you inspire your clients and your team?

Business Skills

  • Which area of business are you most strong at?

Attitude & Attributes

  • How would you describe your attitude?
  • What are your personal attributes?

Personal Relationships

  • What do your family & friends rely on you for?

And, finally, write down a list of things that you can now accomplish that at one point you thought you never could.

If you’re too busy to do the above exercise and you want to know as quickly as possible what your strengths are, then contact William today to find out how we can assist you.

This week, discover why people want to do business with you. Start preparing to tell more people about why they should be doing business with you.

Louise Woodbury

Share your strengths with us... Want to know how to find your strengths?

Email William or give him a call at +61 2 9955 8888.

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