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Two Exercises For Turning Opportunities Into Reality

I love the quote by Albert Einstein: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Opportunities are everywhere—for you and your business. However, do you have a mindset that allows you to recognize them? Are you currently making them happen or waiting for them to happen—to you? Are you open to seeing the opportunities inyour life? And, when opportunities do come knocking on your door, do you say, "Yes" or "Let me think about it?"

There are many interpretations for this word ‘opportunity.' Life itself is a moment-by-moment opportunity. However, too often, when life isn’t going to plan, we fail to see the opportunity and default to a life of struggle. For instance, last week I worked with a client who was operating in a whole world of struggle. The first hourof the consultation was about allowing him to vent his frustrations to me. I got told about who was to blame for the business not succeeding. Iheard his justifications, his complaints and his thoughts on how it might be easier to go find a 'regular' job.

And, to be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this type of venting. In fact, this is what inspires me about my work with entrepreneurs. Because, when you getthe entrepreneur out of their own way, opportunities are everywhere and they show up fast—sometimes too fast for most people to comprehend. And, for some business owners this becomes their next issue.

Sounds like a vicious cycle—and it is. It’s yet another blind spot for small-business entrepreneurs. When you focus on success—it appears. When you focus on struggle—it appears.

Opportunity Equals Options

As an entrepreneur, the main reason for starting your own business is that you wereinspired by what’s possible and how you can be in the driver’s seat to create; attract and make the opportunities happen. You wanted a life where you got to choose. However, what most entrepreneurs don’t do is continually be conscious of the choices they’re making.

This week we invite you to get connected with the opportunities that are staring you in your face. And, if you currently think you have no opportunities, then contact us today.

If you’re ready to take charge of an opportunity, then grab your notebook and begin turning them into reality:

  1. Write down two of your greatest opportunities—this can be for you and/oryour business
    • Identifying your niche
    • Self-promotion—telling your niche that you exist
  2. For example:

  3. Now write down what you have done so far to turn these opportunitiesinto reality
    • Identifying your niche: connecting with businesses who need yourproduct/service/expertise
    • Self-promotion—telling your niche that you exist: preparing your marketing material

Blind Spot: Self-Promotion

Having been in business for over 20 years, we see too many small-business entrepreneurs shy away from self-promotion. It’s almost like the childhood game of hide and seek—you hide, they seek. However, unless you have a product, service or expertise that every human being needs, then new business is unlikely to be breaking down your door.

And, this is exactly what was going on for my client. Just because he was diligently showing up to his business everyday didn’t equal opportunity. The fact that he was there was at least a starting point, however, in not letting his potential clients know about how he could add value to their business—the business was not capitalizing on it’s full opportunity.

Therefore, as a result of our session together, we set an achievable goal for the next day. I got an email from him at the end of the day and naturally, the goal had not only been achieved but he exceeded it. What was different from one day tothe next? Put simply: a shift in mindset allowed him to powerfully connect and communicate with his current clients, and also confidently go and prospect new business. As we all know, when we get out of our own way, results are achieved.

Become a Published Author

Now, another way of telling the world that you exist is to write a book. And, as we are currently working on our fourth book, we can guarantee that there are far more advantages for you and business as a result of this powerful marketing tool. It also allows you to make a difference to your niche market in ways you never thought possible.

So, if you’ve ever thought about the possibility of writing a book—there is notime like the present to get started. Consider writing this down as one of your greatest opportunities. And, you do not need to do this alone. William and I are now supporting our clients to bring their expertise to market. Therefore, when you review Chapter 5, The Magic of “What if?” in our book The Invisible Entrepreneur,then I invite you to ask yourself the question What if? I had my own book—becauseyou never know what opportunities might be waiting.

This week: open your eyes and see what there is to see.

Louise Woodbury

If you would like support to turn your opportunity into reality, then:

Email William or give him a call at +61 2 9955 8888.

For further insights about this topic we highly recommend reading:

The Invisible Entrepreneur | Ch. 5 "The Magic of “What if?"

In the name of experience we play safe, shutting down our spontaneity and the possibility of new solutions

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