Tony Arena: Secrets To A Business Partnership Devoid Of Failure

The most successful partnership or management team according to Tony Arena, twenty-five year managing director of BCI Business Brokers, is one with all the skills covered. Speaking with Louise Woodbury and William de Ora, authors of The Invisible Partnership: How to Work with Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced, Arena states the importance of a team comprised of three types of people: finders, minders and grinders.

The finders are simply the men and women who are out discovering new opportunities for business‒forerunners of the company's vision. Secondly, the minders are those who are taking close care of customer relations and the overall health of staff. Lastly, the grinders are steeped in research, strategic planning initiatives, and making sure a profit is turned. When these three types of people are operating smoothly in the right business, the possibility of failure is reduced nearly to zero unless, of course, factors beyond the company's control (weather or economy) intervene.

Arena goes on to say, "The Invisible Partnership looks at what features people have to get right before they look at the business." This is particularly the case with a husband and wife partnership. Arena continues, "If you have good people (husband and wife) in a good business, then you can't fail."

Not all partnerships begin well, however. Louise and William almost were divorced after just a few years of attempting to run a business together. They have had to walk through multiple painful lessons, rebuilding trust for one another. Today, they enjoy a happy marriage and a successful partnership‒championing husband/wife business teams in Australia and around the globe.

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