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How to Work with Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced

Coaching with Louise and William provides you with the rare opportunity to be personally mentored by the authors of The Invisible Partnership. You will be coached by two people who continue to live and work together in business – successfully – even after 17 years.

Louise and William have, "been there...done that...and are still doing it!" Their track record of success has delighted clients.

Louise and William are business owners just like you. They are life partners. They own a business. They are profitable and have a happy and rich marriage. Their coaching and mentoring programs are based on their life experience and what is happening in their lives, right now.

This isn’t about any theories of how to live and work together, nor is this about what happened many moons ago or based on someone else’s program. By partnering with Louise and William, you get to learn from the ‘horses’ mouth’, so to speak.

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Price: $1,100.00 including GST
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