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RUOK?Day 2012

Today is RUOK?Day in Australia. It was founded by the late Gavin Larkin and participation is simple: ask someone close to you (friend, colleague, neighbor, family member, etc.) how they are really doing. Specifically, you ask, "Are you ok?"

Each year over two thousand people commit suicide in Australia, not to mention thousands more who make the attempt. Proactive interactions with the people we love and care about can curb these statistics, and hopefully, one day, make suicide a thing of the past.

What Is Your Part In RUOK? Day?

The Internet has done a superb job at connecting more people. However, even with the ability to connect with so many so quickly, we still can struggle with isolation. For some, the World Wide Web may feed independence and thrust them into an inescapable black hole. Think about it, why venture out when we can interact, buy goods (groceries too!), and even travel (virtually) online.

Let's get up from our laptops, put away our mobile phones, and ask that person (or people) close to us, "Are you ok?" Offer to buy a friend coffee. Take a lunchtime walk with a colleague and 'throw in' the three magic words to see what happens. What do you have to lose?

Who Has Endorsed RUOK? Day?

Watch as actor Hugh Jackman gives his perspective on why he backs such a powerful movement. Many other high profile citizens have spoken up about their support of this movement and are busy applying the question to their busy lives.

Who will you ask today?

William & Louise

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