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The Power Struggle Landmine

When working with your partner, there’s too often the assumption that one of you will automatically take on the leadership and/or management role while the other follows. Usually, the presumed leader tends to be the stronger or more dominant personality type. He or she often becomes the face of the business, while the other is the behind-the-scenes or backroom person.

Initially, this works well for the business, the partnership, and the marriage. Why? The reason is because, in the beginning, you don’t know any other way. Nor do you have a need to question it. Some couples genuinely prefer this type of arrangement. However, for others, there’s a point where this strategy breaks down.

When William and I first began working together, we had no knowledge of how the struggle to find a balance of power would affect our relationship. There wasn’t any specific information available for life partners that worked together, at least nothing that related to our situation.

You likely know that most management books work within the paradigm of running a business with a single leader who is deemed to have an autocratic style. They do not consider the dynamics of couples in business. This is one reason why so many couples in business are misled and confused about how to operate powerfully together.

So, what should a couple do? How should they work together?

This week investigate whether power struggles could be occurring in your partnerships: with your spouse, with your colleagues or with both.

Louise Woodbury

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