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Opportunities Are Everywhere

I love the quote by Albert Einstein: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Opportunities are everywhere—for you and your business. However, do you have a mindset that allows you to recognize them? Are you currently making them happen or waiting for them to happen—to you? Are you open to seeing the opportunities in your life? And, when opportunities do come knocking on your door, do you say, "Yes" or "Let me think about it?"

There are many interpretations for this word ‘opportunity.' Life itself is a moment-by-moment opportunity. However, too often, when life isn’t going to plan, we fail to see the opportunity and default to a life of struggle. For instance, last week I worked with a client who was operating in a whole world of struggle. The first hour of the consultation was about allowing him to vent his frustrations to me. I got told about who was to blame for the business not succeeding. I heard his justifications, his complaints and his thoughts on how it might be easier to go find a 'regular' job.

And, to be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this type of venting. In fact, this is what inspires me about my work with entrepreneurs. Because, when you get the entrepreneur out of their own way, opportunities are everywhere and they show up fast—sometimes too fast for most people to comprehend. And, for some business owners this becomes their next issue.

Sounds like a vicious cycle—and it is. It’s yet another blind spot for small-business entrepreneurs. When you focus on success—it appears. When you focus on struggle—it appears.

Opportunity Equals Options

This week we invite you to get connected with the opportunities that are staring you in the face. However, if you currently believe no opportunities are before you, then please contact us.

If you’re ready to take charge of an opportunity, then complete the following exercise:

  1. Write down two of your greatest opportunities—this can be for you and/or your business
  2. Now write down what you have done so far to turn these opportunities into reality

This week: open your eyes and see what there is to see.

Louise Woodbury

For further insights about this topic we highly recommend reading:

The Invisible Entrepreneur | Ch. 5 "The Magic of “What if?"

In the name of experience we play safe, shutting down our spontaneity and the possibility of new solutions

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