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Louise Woodbury is the co-author of “The Invisible Entrepreneur” .

Louise is one of Australia’s most in-demand business coaches/consultants because of her ability to turn around business and create astonishing successes - often out of stale or struggling operations.

With over 20 years experience as a businesswoman, promoter, mentor and business coach, Louise has helped clients forge business pathways they had not thought existed. That’s because she has a unique combination of skills – analytical skills that enable her to close-in on the key problem areas of any business, and uncanny people skills which can identify the true motivators and drivers within business owners and their staff.

For many years, Louise worked with clinical psychologists to gain insight into how entrepreneurs respond to various environments and driving factors in business and life. It’s an area of study that few consultants delve into but it’s at the core of Louise’s way of working. This valuable insight into human behaviour is what sets Louise apart - she knows what works.

Louise is a top-notch mentor. She is particularly skilled at helping business owners lead their teams through change, creating systems that allow them more freedom and assisting them in becoming the leaders they have always wanted to be.

As a popular keynote speaker, Louise engages audiences throughout Australia with her professional expertise and warm, knowledgeable style.

Some of Louise's highly acclaimed seminars and keynote topics are:

1. Working successfully with your spouse without getting divorced:

For some couples, the very notion of working together is tantamount to romantic suicide, but the practical necessities of doing this are often dictated by the terms of doing business. And basically a lot of business and life partners, have to work together just to get the business off the ground. Louise and her husband William, have done the same – and it nearly ended in disaster. For them, there was no guiding mentorship upon which to call. They found they literally had to write the book themselves. So, based upon 'The Invisible Partnership: How to work with Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced', Louise is able to offer highly researched and sought-after information that has stemmed from great business gurus to the down-to-earth case studies that have been a part of her mentoring experience. She is able to provide the guidance that can help a struggling partnership through the seemingly insurmountable difficulties and bring them out into an inspired and invigorated world.

2. Women in leadership:

It’s the twenty first century and it would be a foolish man indeed who would dare to say that women are not just as capable of running a business as men are. But, there are differences in the way men and women function Women think differently. They tend to react differently and they face obstacles differently. Louise helps recognise the ways in which women can be better entrepreneurs and leaders by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

3. How to revolutionize your business by taking 3 months off:

All work and no play, make Jack and Jill very dull, dissatisfied and unfulfilled people indeed. Working 24/7 (or what seems like it) at the business end of the spectrum has been the plight of many business owners. In this revolutionary exposé into the functioning of a business, Louise expounds the fundamentals of getting the right mindset so as to make business work in favour of the owners. She is bold and innovative in showing how business owners can get out of their ways of thinking. Her passion to help them transcend their self-limiting beliefs is unbounded. She shows them that they are capable of re-discovering the joys of life while running a thriving business.

Louise is an acclaimed speaker who has inspired and mentored countless groups of people all over the country. She has engaged small groups of ten as well as large audiences of over 1000 and her expertise is always acknowledged and welcomed. She has served the Government department groups and Chambers of Commerce, and also the general public as a radio guest.

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