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The Invisible Branson by Louise Woodbury and William de Ora

Sir Richard Branson is a business rock star in every sense. His charismatic disposition attracts clients and prospective clients like the magic of a magnet. Having created visibility through his own powerful personal branding, Branson has set a high benchmark that many business entrepreneurs aspire to reach.

Branson is the heart and soul of his brand—the life force behind it. The Virgin brand and Richard Branson feed and sustain one another. They are harmoniously aligned, creating a force that neither could achieve as one single entity. The forces behind this outrageous success are surprisingly simple, and whether you‘re operating as a home based entrepreneur or are running a major business, you can implement them now.

The Invisible Branson is your compass. It’s your guide to assist you in navigating through the invisible obstacles that can hold you back from rock-stardom.

In The Invisible Branson, authors Louise Woodbury and William de Ora have identified the key steps in helping you to discover, and overcome the invisible, often self-created barriers that get in the way of you becoming a business rock star.


Tapping into your inner Branson is easier than you think. By viewing the world of business through Sir Richard’s eyes, you too can come to understand how to work through obstacles by identifying the opportunities behind them.

By reading The Invisible Branson, you are setting yourself up powerfully and laying the foundations for your own success in a way you might never have thought possible.


The Invisible Branson is essential reading for all entrepreneurs—no matter what the present size of your enterprise. Its clear insights into the Branson ‘method’, supported by the views of the authors, show how a strong, personalized business and brand presence are the keys to your success.

A deceptively easy read, The Invisible Branson is a vital first step on the ladder to business success and encourages you to bring out your inner Branson!

Each page will reward you with actionable insights and tips that acknowledge Sir Richard’s success, while showing you how to create your own. It is also highly recommended that you give a copy of this book to your senior team members to read. Because as you will read it is important to have the right people on your team.

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