Ken Done Exclusive: Remembered As World's Oldest Living Artist

The visionary painter Ken Done speaks with Louise Woodbury and William de Ora, authors of The Invisible Partnership: How to Work with Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced. He speaks about his journey of 69 years and a desire to live in the 'moment.' This quest has not been easy because, according to Done, his sentimental connection to the past and optimistic visions for the future strip any leftover energy for what is in front of him.

Aspiring to be the world's oldest living artist, Done takes advantage of his days on earth because death has the illusion of not being as interesting. When asked if he would change anything about his life journey, he mentioned regret over turning down an offer from his mother to take piano lessons at age 12. Louise and William concur with Ken, sometimes having a desire to turn back the clock to day one of their marriage. The lessons learned over the last several years about how to best value one another and work effectively as an entrepreneurial couple could have prevented countless arguments, lost revenue and forfeited intimacy. On the other hand, they have reaped far more than expected by processing through the heartache‒now co-owning a thriving company which focuses on helping other couples navigate the thrilling, yet challenging waters of business partnership. Marital bliss is now the new normal for Louise and William, thanks to the daily application of lessons learned from their first three years together.

Art is a journey according to Mr. Done; a monastic undertaking. He does not want to lose the passion to create in the studio, which emanates from a learning experience rooted in collaboration. Essentially, each artist learns from more seasoned painters and eventually discovers their own track.

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