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Can Life Partners Work Powerfully Together In Their Own Small Business?

This book is written to those brave people who are doing two of the most difficult and challenging things in life at the same time: to build a strong marriage and to run a business together! Being married is a significant enough challenge. Operating a business in these uncertain times is a daunting feat. But for life partners to be running a business together would seem like climbing Mount Everest and something only a few elite people could accomplish.

So, why does combining marriage and business seem to require such heroic effort? The main reason is that life partners who work together inevitably blend their deepest, most intimate relationship into the world of business. The traditional line between work and family disappears. When the couple is at work in a professional setting, they are (hopefully) still in love. When they are at home, they are still a professional team. If there is conflict at the office, those same problems will follow them home! And if there is discord at home, those difficulties will affect them at the office.

However, despite these challenges, life partners who work together have the potential for a beautiful and loving adventure like no other. If the relationship is strong and loving, they will be able to enjoy one another 24/7. They will have the most trusted business partner one could imagine. They will be able to share the adventure of running a business and watching that business impact a community.

Unfortunately, when it comes to starting a business or sustaining a marriage, there’s not much reason for optimism these days. If you believe the statistics, 50 percent of all marriages fail. In the beginning, couples have a starry romantic vision of a happily-ever-after life, only to be slapped into reality by the challenges and demands of every day living.

As for running a business, the statistics show that 80 percent of all small businesses fail within the first few years. Getting a business up and running is both exciting and challenging. But, again, this honeymoon period soon encounters the hard realities of the business world. Entrepreneurs today face overwhelming challenges.

So, is it really possible for life partners to successfully live, love, and work together?

Absolutely, categorically, yes!

While the statistics we’ve mentioned are discouraging, it’s important to remember that the outcome of our lives is not set in stone. we are always free to create our marriages and businesses exactly the way we want them to be. Yes, we need to face the facts. However, successful marriages and businesses don’t just happen.

Both domains require 100 percent commitment to ongoing growth and development, absolute dedication, transparency in communication and above all else alignment. Neither marriage nor business will happen successfully without a lot of work and dedication. But there is hope. A strong marriage and working relationship can become a reality. And, we are proof of that fact.

It’s possible that you’re reading this book because you’re deciding whether or not to work with your life partner. Or you might be a person who is already running a business with your spouse and you want to figure out how to run the business and still keep the romance flowing in your marriage. Whatever the case, The Invisible Partnership is a book that will show you how to work together and still love each other every day—without having to compromise. It’s a book that will help you discover and assimilate those invisible secrets that enable two people to work together toward a successful business and simultaneously create a happy marriage.

And, let’s be clear about the word happy. This isn’t some lightweight, flakey feeling. Happiness in a marriage is about acknowledging and understanding who you are, the roles you play, and the importance of being in alignment with each other. It’s about being able to be on the same page. More than that, it’s about both partners being so comfortable with each other that they enjoy operating in the same space together all day and every day.

Choosing to read this book is your first step toward that kind of life. Choosing to apply this book is your next step to experiencing the life you’ve imagined. However, reading the book and not applying it won’t be enough. You must have a desire and a commitment to uncover, explore, find, and unleash the invisible potential in your relationship and make it a visible and tangible partnership.

It’s been our experience—both on a personal level and based on many years of consulting with business owners who are also life partners—that a strong relationship is the foundation for a strong business. (We’ll explain why in later chapters.)

For most people, the core elements of a relationship reside below the surface of our conscious thoughts and feelings. These relational factors—both positive and negative—play a powerful role in the quality of our lives. And when life partners are working together in business, those relational factors will affect the quality of the business.

So, in this book you’ll explore how two equally skilled, talented, and strong individuals can have a successful working partnership by understanding and working on the simmering, bubbling feelings and reactions that impact the quality of the relationship.

The key question of course is what does it take to have a successful marriage and a successful working partnership—especially when it’s a 24/7 journey? Well the short answer is you. And the long answer is you. Life is full of opportunities. But you have to be able to see them to seize them. You must be willing to look beyond what is happening now, beyond what seems inevitable, and begin to believe in what is possible!

The flipside of this question is why don’t life partners easily work together in their own business? And the answer to this question is what this book is about. But in a nutshell, a key reason for relationships not working is due to the emotional drivers involved in choosing your life partner as well as what drives you to start your own small business. Both decisions are made from an emotional versus logical point of view. It’s all about how we feel at the time and of course it feels great!

We have experienced a life that is better than what we thought could be possible. And for this reason we want to share our story and what we’ve learned along the way. The Invisible Partnership is the distillation of our life experience as a married couple and our professional experience of working with other couples in business. In other words, what we have written in this book is not based on abstract theory; we truly understand what it is to be in a business partnership as well as a life partnership.

What if there was a way that you could work, win, shine, excel, and realize dreams that exceeded all expectations? Surely, you’d have to be interested in knowing how to achieve this for you, your partner, your business and your life, right?

Our intention is to make the invisible secrets visible, to illuminate your journey with our experience so that you can work with each other even more successfully than you thought possible.

We invite you to take on a new adventure and make this decade be your best ever. We also want you to understand what true love is all about.

But first, we’ll start by sharing a little about where we’ve been on our journey.

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