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“You are the best person to be the face and the voice of your business. No one has the knowledge or the passion like you do. If a once-struggling baker like me from Beechworth can do this, so can you. The Invisible Branson gives you your roadmap on how to build a powerful brand for your business. Read this book, be inspired and never let those dream takers put a damper on your vision.”

Tom O'Toole of Beachworth Bakery Tom O’Toole, Owner of The Beechworth Bakery, best selling author and Australia’s most entertaining speaker

“If anyone advises you that you shouldn’t be the face of your business, then give them a copy of The Invisible Branson. Because the best thing I’ve done in marketing my business is to implement what is said in this book. By putting myself in the spotlight rather than having to chase business, I now have the right prospects choosing me.

And sales and marketing became fun, fun, fun. The Invisible Branson will unlock your full potential as a leader, marketer, and dare I say, a ‘business rock star!’ So read it and put it into great use.”

Geri Forsaith of Sydney Property Conveyancing Geri Forsaith MD, Sydney Property Conveyancing

"William and Louise have this uncanny knack of turning up in my life when I need them most. When they outlined The Invisible Branson program to me, I thought it was just too outrageous to attempt. Looking back I can see it was foolish of me not to get on board sooner.

The most challenging part of The Invisible Branson process is getting out of your own way. The cynical me—that little negative voice that holds me, and many others like me, back—got in the way. My advice is to park your concerns and open your mind while you read this great book. The Invisible Branson will have a profound impact in your business and on your life. It changed my life, and it will change yours if you have to courage to let it."

Brett Taylor: International Dental Educator Dr. Brett Taylor, Intl. Dental Educator & Author of Getting Your Smile Right:The Importance of Feeling Normal

“I admire Richard Branson because he is a giver. As an owner of an online toyshop, I also wanted to give back. I founded a charity called Tea4Toys that distributes toys to underprivileged kids. But being inherently a shy person, I found it very confronting to see myself as the public face of the business and the charity.

In putting The Invisible Branson into practice I learned how to overcome a lot of fears, and win. Of course I am still learning and growing. If a 33-year-old mother of three can bring out her inner Branson, then anyone can!”

Rosalyn Manipis: Founder of Toy Madness Rosalyn Manipis, Founder, ToyMadness and Tea4Toys charity

“I decided to open my business on my 60th birthday. Now I manufacture and market the best breakfast cereal on the planet. I didnt have an ounce of marketing in me, only passion and energy for making a difference.

This is when I was introduced to The Invisible Branson—being a business rocker! I stepped over the chasm of unknowing, got inspired, energised, risked it all. Along the way had the time of my life. I have not looked back since.

William and Louise are the people who unlocked the inner Branson in me. Im knocking down my barriers. Its a real buzz to stand under the spotlight now—to tell my story and share my passion on being fully alive. I really can never thank Louise and William enough.”

Margaret Brockie: Founder of Brockies Breakfast Cereals Margaret Brockie, Maker of Brockies Breakfast Cereals

“It’s a no-brainer as to why you should become the face of your business. Yes, I know that so many so-called gurus will tell you that you shouldn’t get so closely tied to the business. Don’t let their fear and limited thinking stop you. The Invisible Bransonwill put you on a path that will rekindle your excitement for your business and life.

I am extremely impressed with The Invisible Branson and already implementing its principles in my life and business. Louise and William explain the why, how and what of creating a personal brand in a simple, easy way... all without the jargon so many business books are guilty of. The Invisible Branson is an absolute must-read for all business owners.”

Bernie Mitchell: Author of Bipolar: A Path To Acceptance Bernie Mitchell, MD, Focus Property Management, Author, “Bipolar: A Path to Acceptance

“Today, Chiropractic Development International (CDI) is an industry leader in the continuing professional development of chiropractors. When it came to brainstorming our initial idea, branding, and promoting all aspects of CDI, we called in the services of William de Ora. He implemented The Invisible Branson on CDI. It is a powerful marketing blueprint.

The Invisible Branson will definitely not only challenge you to bring out your best, it will challenge your reality as you know it to be. You will be delighted you did. We sure are!”

Dr. Matthew Long and Dr. Anthony Nicholson: Directors of Chiropractic Development International Dr Matthew Long and Dr Anthony Nicholson, Directors of Chiropractic Development International

“I have dramatically changed how I run my accounting practice by bringing The Invisible Bransoninto my practice. I used to spend 1% of my time promoting the business, now it is my number one priority.

So much so, I am authoring a book - How To Turn Your Business Into A Money Making Machine. Something I thought well beyond me. The idea of writing a book and taking centre stage at networking events was not the kind of thing you would expect from an accountant like me. By deliberately pushing myself out of my comfort zone I became very good at it! The Invisible Branson is more than a business book. It will shift the way you look at business and life itself!”

Matthew Lee Matthew Lee, Director, Lee & Alexander Accountancy

The Invisible Branson is an uplifting read which challenges you to let out who you truly are. Business owners are driven by the vision of success, but hold themselves back due to fear and uncertainty. This book provides new images, concepts and permission to step outside all those negative belief patterns and soar into your true potential. It reveals the hidden power of the entrepreneur to build their personal profile into a brand and become a recognised authority in their field.”

Rafaele Joudry: Founder of Sound Therapy International Rafaele Joudry BSW, MS (psych), International author and speaker, Founder of Sound Therapy International

“When I first read the manuscript I knew The Invisible Branson was an absolute must for taking any business and the entrepreneur to the stratosphere. This book unlocks Richard Branson’s winning formula of how he intertwined the Virgin Brand with his own unique personality.

Louise and William brilliantly explain how to catapult yourself into becoming a business rock star in a refreshingly simple way. Every page bursts with well-thought through and immediately practical guidelines! It’s magnificent!”

Dr. Chandler George: Dallas Internet Marketing Consulting Dr Chandler George, Director, Dallas Internet Marketing Consulting

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