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Lee Iacocca

I've been around long enough to know a thing or two about the importance a good role model can play in inspiring us to go above and beyond the call of duty. In the modern business-world there are few role models that can match the intensity and brilliance of Richard Branson.

It is clear to me there are many parallels between Sir Richard Branson and myself. I see the same fighting spirit I had when I was doing the impossible at Chrysler®.

Like Richard Branson I've made mistakes in my time and learned from them. That's what happens when you've been around the block a few times. In this book the lessons of Branson's life are distilled with conciseness and clarity and I suspect it will act as a wake-up call for many!

We all know these are hard times and it is impossible to miss the sense of anxiety that haunts the business community. I agreed to write the foreword for The Invisible Branson because there are lessons in this book that are essential.

In this book we get a glimpse of a world where you can make a difference without exploiting people and a world where it is possible to turn a handsome profit and remain a decent person.

Like Sir Richard I have always believed that in life there are times when you have to take the risk and take on fights that seem to be unwinnable. I decided early on that I would never shy away from these battles. It's not just good business but when principles are at risk, the right thing to do.

I see the same fighting spirit in Richard Branson and you too can learn to unlock it.

This book is designed to show you how to do just that. It'll take some gutsy decisions on your part, but I guarantee you that it will open your eyes to a new way of doing business.

Louise and William demonstrate this point by showing that all the great business leaders of our time share this one quality of gutsiness.

In these pages you will find countless examples of people making a difference by acting in concert with their own fundamental principles. It all comes down to how you look at the world and tap into that part of yourself that has been asleep.

If you want to wake up from your slumber make sure to crack open these pages and embark on a journey with one of the greatest business leaders of modern time.

It is time to make the leap you have promised yourself you will one day make. The Invisible Branson will show you how to make this happen.

Lee Iacocca

Author of Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

The Iacocca Family Foundation funds innovative and promising diabetes research programs and projects that will lead to a cure for the disease and alleviate complications caused by it.

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