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Introducing Our New Book!

Order your copy of The Invisible Branson!

The Invisible Branson Book by Louise Woodbury and William de Ora

Our recently published book is: The Invisible Branson: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Business Rock Star. This book is based on the well-known entrepreneur, Richard Branson. You will learn how to fast track your business success by standing out from the crowd.

“The Invisible Branson is loaded with practical and entertaining ideas that can save you years of hard work in becoming the great success you desire to be.”

- Brian Tracy, author, Getting Rich Your Own Way

The Invisible Branson is about turning the spotlight on you, to help you build a high profile personal brand that will drive sales and business. This is a key weapon missing from the armory of most small-business entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few of the insights you will discover by reading The Invisible Branson:

  • How to greatly add to your credibility, both inside and outside the industry
  • How to become the trusted authority and dominant professional in your market
  • How to get free PR on TV, radio, and in print
  • How to develop a business that is consistent with your core values and reflects your true identity

The Invisible Branson proves that any businessperson can learn from Sir Richard Branson and his winning attitude in order to achieve greater personal and business success.

“It is time to make the leap you have promised yourself you will one day make. The Invisible Branson will show you how to make this happen.”

- Lee Iacocca, author, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

We can’t wait to get this book into your hands.

Louise Woodbury

If you have any questions about our new book, The Invisible Branson, then Contact ustoday.

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