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The FISH! That Almost Got Away

For over a decade now, a book that has remained close to our hearts is the runaway international best seller FISH! A Remarkable Way To Boost Morale And Improve Results by Professor Stephen Lundin. In fact, this was the program that our team worked through while we were taking our first three-month vacation.

FISH! is based on the methods of everyday fishmongers — guys who sell the same fish as sold down the street — but with a big difference. They had set themselves the goal of becoming world famous. Little by little, they made it happen, surprising even themselves. Today they are business rock stars, having fun and creating new successes from one day to the next.

What we want to share with you is that after all these years of recommending this book and its philosophy to our clients, Professor Stephen Lundin, has now graciously provided us with the following thoughts about our new book The Invisible Branson.

And, the point of his message is this: be mindful of whom you are getting advice from.

Professor Lundin told us the story of how his book nearly didn't see the light of day. “We were told by everyone that making a film about people in a fish market was really dumb; these same people said calling the book FISH! was stupid."

“So much for that. Our book has become a phenomenal worldwide bestseller and to this day the film based on it remains number one, a 13-year run.”

Thankfully Professor Lundin had the good sense to pursue what he knew to be the right path. He says, “In each case we listened to our internal voice, followed our heart and went against the grain.”

Today FISH! has sold over 5 million copies and he has followed the original hit with FISH! Sticks, FISH! Tales and FISH! For Life.

This is what Professor Lundin had to say about The Invisible Branson:

“I love it! It's simple but powerful concepts will help you unload old ideas and find the success you know you deserve: the success that is simply a 10-degree turn of the head away."

The moral of the story: never doubt yourself!

Louise Woodbury

If you have any questions about our new book, The Invisible Branson, then please contact us.

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