Craig Duswalt praises Louise Woodbury at the 2010 RockStar Boot Camp

Craig Duswalt, entrepreneur of Rock Star System for Success, hosted the 2010 RockStar Boot Camp in Los Angeles. He praises Louise Woodbury, who, along with her husband, William de Ora, are the authors of The Invisible Partnership: How to Work With Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced. Louise shared the stage with star-studded, gifted speakers like international best-selling author and popular television personality Dr Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.,Big Money speaker and best selling author, James Malinchak. Professional actor, boasting roles in over 150 films, also starring as Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce on the “24” TV series, Glenn Morshower. Founder of Experts Academy and the best-selling author of Life's Golden Ticket and The Millionaire Messenger, Brendon Burchard Internet Marketing Expert, and globally, one of the top Internet gurus, Tom Antion. Finally, if that was not enough, Eddie Money, world-acclaimed rock star, made an appearance.

Louise, having weathered a rocky beginning in her marriage with William, vulnerably spoke of how, from the ashes, they sought help to restore intimacy and honestly face the issues seeking to rip them apart in their personal and professional relationship. The story of their journey, along with countless ways this experience is restoring dysfunctional and broken partnerships, hit home with the audience of entrepreneurs. Many understood the challenging dynamics and difficulties, mentioned by Louise and William in their book, of working with their life partner in a business. The Boot Camp audience was so appreciative of her insight that she received a standing ovation.

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