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For 'product' read service etc, as appropriate.

Each begins on a new page so you can print or paste the ones you prefer.

Websites: see special supplement at end.


WHO are we talking to?

HOW do we answer the question: 'Buy mine not the competition's product/service because...?

WHY: sales, branding, corporate presence...what’s the reason?

WHAT do we want them to do about it?

WHEN do we want them to  act?

WHAT do they already know about the product?

WHAT do we want them to feel about the brand?

WHAT will motivate them to enquire then buy?

WHERE will they see our message?

HOW will we measure the results?


Some of these questions have been shoe-horned into their categories but this still works a treat. Also, many are extremely obvious but have been left in to ensure nothing slips through the net.


  • Who is the target audience?
  • Who are the principle decision makers?


  • Why should they prefer your product...easier to use? More reliable? Better ROI?
  • Why are we creating this communication? Obviously to generate sales...but are there underlying corporate, brand or business agendas as well?


  • What do they expect from your product?
  • What’s so special about your product?
  • What do they already know about your product? Are they already using an older version?
  • What makes it better than what your competitors offer?
  • What reasons would persuade them to buy? What would make them switch to your brand?
  • What is your product’s single most important benefit or reason to buy?
  • What cost savings does it offer?
  • What can you say to make your prospect believe your product delivers what you promise?
  • What (if anything) do they need to be told about the technology behind it?
  • What testimonials can you obtain?
  • What would the prospect have done without seeing this...bought from your competition?
  • What will they think after reading this information?
  • What do you want them to do after reading this information: seek more facts, ask for a demonstration, visit your website?
  • What do you want them to feel about your brand?
  • What will motivate them to seek out more information and get into a purchase dialogue?


  • How will your product make your prospect’s job easier?
  • How will it make their business more effective, more profitable?
  • How does your product work better: new technology? New approach? A landmark breakthrough?
  • How does it lead the industry...assuming it represents an advance of some kind? A cost benefit? Superior ROI?
  • How will it be better, easier, more affordable, more cost-effective than whatever they are using now?
  • How are you organising response...are you ready to deal with extra orders or business?


  • When do you expect your results/response? Should you add a deadline for urgency?
  • When will you sell: immediately or though a stepped process with several enquiry/dialogue stages?


  • Where will you be running your ads, placing your communications? Will this article appear in targeted media where prospects will see it?
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