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Louise Woodbury, Author, Keynote Speaker

Some of Louise’s highly acclaimed seminars and workshops are:

1. Working successfully with your spouse:

For some couples, the very notion of working together is tantamount to romantic suicide, but the practical necessities of doing this are often dictated by the terms of doing business. And basically a lot of business and life partners, have to work together just to get the business off the ground.

Louiseand her husband William, have done the same – and it nearly ended in disaster. For them, there was no guiding mentorship upon which to call. They found they literally had to write the book themselves. So, based upon The Invisible Partnership: How to work with Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced, Louise is able to offer highly researched and sought-after information that has stemmed from great business gurus to the down-to-earth case studies that have been a part of her mentoring pleasure. She is able to provide the guiding light that can help a struggling partnership through its seemingly insurmountable difficulties into the inspired way forward.

2. Women in leadership:

It’s the twenty first century and it would be a brave man indeed who would venture to say that women were not just as capable of running a business as men are. But, there are differences. Women think differently. They tend to react differently and they face obstacles differently. Being able to recognise your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles are just part of the exposition into the subject of women in leadership, offered by Louise. There have been scores of women who have thanked Louise repeatedly for the insights and information she has warmly given.

3. How to revolutionize your business by taking 3 months off:

All work and no play, make Jack and Jill very dull, dissatisfied and unfulfilled people indeed. Working 24/7 (or what seems like it) at and on the business has been the unfortunate plight of many business owners. In this revolutionary expose into the workings of a business and how to arrange it to work in your favour, Louise expounds the fundamentals of getting your mindset right. She is bold and innovative in presenting new ways stop business owners from being stuck in their old ways of thinking. Her passion to move them forward through limiting beliefs is unbounded and she shows them that they are able to re-discover the joys of life, and still return to a thriving business. This is an extraordinary look at the possibilities available to you.

In accordance with the acclaimed speaker that she is, Louise is sought after throughout the country and has delivered inspiration and mentorship to countless groups nation wide. From small groups of 10 to large audiences of over 1000, Louise’s expert knowledge has been welcomed and endorsed. Government department groups, Chambers of Commerce, Radio guest appearances and anywhere else she is able to be of service, Louise is committed to helping.


William de Ora, Author, Keynote Speaker

The three most requested topics for speaking engagements have been:

1. Harnessing greater profits by becoming an industry expert:

William will guide you through the step-by-step, easy to follow process of how to become the leading light expert in your industry. Once you have been recognised as such, greater profits, higher acclaim, more notable branding will easily result as a natural progression from the vital things you have learned.

2. Working successfully with your spouse:

This exciting workshop springs from the publication of William’s latest book “The Invisible Partnership” in which William and Louise explore the pitfalls and triumphs of working as life partners in their business. This has been a most welcome treatise and its pending release is generating much excitement and anticipation in the business world. William is very happy to be able to assist in the recovery of a wonderful life for business owner couples who thought that having a life was for ‘other people’.

3. How to revolutionize your business by taking 3 months off:

Resulting from William and Louise’s first very successful book, “ The Invisible Entrepreneur ”, this seminar / workshop is a riveting and revelatory guide to arranging and organizing your business in such a way that you would be able to leave your business for 3 months or more and still come back to a thriving, profitable concern. In fact, the results for this method of organizing your business have been so successful that some owners have been able to walk-away from the business altogether, knowing that it is functioning wonderfully without them – and still making great profits.

However, the above outlined seminars may not be what you or your business is in need of at the present time. William is most happy to speak with business owners to devise and develop workshop material that is specific to the needs of your individual business or corporation.

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