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The Biggest Threat For Entrepreneurs... And It's NOT From the Outside

Most entrepreneurs consider their threats to be externally driven. However, we want to discuss how your biggest threat is far closer than you might think. And, we don’t mean your competition, your team, your clients, nor your family and friends. Have you ever slowed down to consider this: you yourself are your biggest threat; you yourself get in your own way?

Unless you’re bullet-proof or living in denial, everyone has some form of self-sabotage occurring. It’s commonly known as self-talk, that 'little voice,' inner dialogue or the people 'driving the bus.' In fact, 'it' is currently engaged in a conversation with you while reading this.

And, while we’d all love to not have this going on in our heads, it isn’t about getting rid of it. It’s about working with it. Acknowledging that it exists is the first step. Acceptance of it is the second step. And, believe me, becoming aware of what’s going on calms those voices right down.

Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Too often entrepreneurs can become their own worst enemy. What you create—you can destroy. When you’re focused, you produce results. When you become unfocused, it’s chaotic and everyone suffers.

One of the first things I do when working with my clients is walk them through the following exercise:

  1. Write down two of your constant complaints about yourself
  2. Now write down the impact that these two complaints have on your business and your life

It’s important for my clients to pay attention to their inner dialogue. Because, in order to make changes in their business and in their life, they need to know what’s going on and I need to know what I’m dealing with. More importantly, I need to find out who I need to work with.

I want to identify who the ringleader is—who’s in charge and who is likely to block the process of change. I also want to know if someone’s judging and waiting for my client to do something wrong or not excel at something new.

In some cases, it might sound like the survival of the fittest. However, once we know who’s on the bus, then the real work begins. Therefore, I highly recommend completing the exercise and get acquainted with your team. Find out who’s driving your bus. Furthermore, imagine the impact on your business and your life if you don’t start to understand what’s going on.

Apart from completing this exercise, start to become aware of where you stop yourself. Decide to take your foot off the brake and put it on the accelerator. Your time to shine is now.

Louise Woodbury

If you would like support to turn your biggest threat into an opportunity:

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It’s not what happens to you; it’s how you deal with it

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