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5 Steps For Business Owners To Overcome Blind Spots

As business owners, we know you know what your weaknesses are. However, knowing them and doing something about them can be two very different things. When I ask my clients to tell me what their weaknesses are, I typically get the response, "How long have you got?" or something like this, "How many would you like me to give you?"

What we know for sure is that your weaknesses are only the tip of the iceberg. What’s important is to be able to identify what’s below the surface—what drives your thoughts and feelings or behaviors? And, for most people, this is their blind spot.

Anything and everything is available to us—just ask Google™. There are many tools available to help identify our weaknesses. However, you can have all the best intentions to not only identify what these weaknesses are and then decide to change your habits and how you operate—but as they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Therefore, let’s say that one of your weaknesses is procrastination. The key to success is therefore about getting started and completing. The breakthrough for procrastination is often about identifying what you don’t understand about the task in order to complete it.

While I can’t imagine that one of your weaknesses is about perfectionism, however, if it is, then do yourself a favor and clarify what standard is required. Quite often, it’s not about getting the ribbon tied perfectly around the box; it’s just about getting the thing inside the box in the first place.

This week I invite you to put a stop to the struggle by inquiring into which blind spots drive your weaknesses. And, while it's important to know what your weaknesses are, it's critical to know what you’re going to do to ensure that you don’t have to function long term in your area of weakness.

If you’re ready to address your blind spots, in order to take your business to the next level, then:

  1. Write down your two greatest weaknesses that you believe are currently holding you and your business back
  2. Now write down what you have done so far to address these weaknesses

Blind Spot: Procrastination

As a case study, we’ll use the blind spot of procrastination. For many people this is a life-long, recurring pattern and something that they spend a lot of time and money on, looking for ways to fix it. For instance, how many time management workshops have you done? How many planning journals and notepads have you purchased?

However, in our role as consultants, we see that while this is a nice idea, it doesn’t achieve the desired result. The driving force for procrastination is often two or three layers below the surface. To understand these layers, you only have to watch programs like the Biggest Loser™.

Whether you watch this program or not, the Biggest Loser is a phenomenal study into human behavior. And, although each and every contestant knows how to lose weight, the core reason for not losing weight can reside in beliefs such as “I don’t deserve to be healthy and fit” or “I am not worthy” or “I don’t want to be told what to do”.

The parallels with business owners is amazing. However, the difference with business owners is that they are highly skilled at justifying and convincing themselves about how valid their reasons are to not achieve success.

So, let’s work through the blind spot of procrastination.

  1. Write down what you think your two greatest weaknesses are that are currently holding you and your business back.
    • Procrastination
  2. Pick one of them and write down what you have done so far to address this weakness.
    • Read a book on procrastination
    • Attended a time management, getting organized workshop
  3. As a result of doing the above actions, what has changed?
  4. If you haven’t achieved your desired results, then we highly recommend that you find someone who would be an 'unreasonable' friend. The role of this unreasonable friend is to ensure that you don’t get stuck in your area of weakness and you learn to deliver the promises that you make.
  5. Do not wait another minute and don’t procrastinate in doing this activity.

Don’t get too caught up in the drama of your weaknesses—this is your opportunity to come clean and initiate a breakthrough in how you’re running your business and your life.

This week: embrace your two most prominent weaknesses!

Louise Woodbury


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